Disc Golf Training

Protea Disc Golf is committed to offering the highest standard of tuition available in South Africa. Drawing from 30 years of experience in teaching various sports, martial arts and motivational workshops, our unique approach enables students to progress at an accelerated pace compared with more conventional methods.

We offer Disc Golf Training private lessons and group coaching sessions by South Africa’s top players. Lessons are available for players of all gender, levels and ages – from novice to advanced. The fun atmosphere and commitment to producing the best possible results provides the student athlete with the optimal learning environment in which they can work to perfect their style, skill and game play.

Open days allow the general public to participate and become acquainted with the sport and thereafter the opportunity exists to take the game to the next level by employing one of our teaching staff to oversee and monitor the students progress.

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Disc Golf Training | One-on-one traing for the world's fastest growing sport