What is Disc Golf?

Basically the game is played according to the same format as traditional ball golf. The objective is to get an object into a target in the fewest shots as possible. In Disc Golf the object would be the specialised frisbee that is used to hit the target which is a chained basket designed to catch the disc and let it fall into a basket below. These are referred to as ‘holes’ as in ball golf. Holes are typically between 60 and 120m for a par 3 hole, meaning that it should take three shots to complete the hole. A Drive, Approach and Putt.

Discs are specialised and the average player carries between 10 and 20 discs in their bag. When starting out however, only three basic discs are required and this would be the total cost one would need to consider to play the sport, making it as affordable as buying one Football boot! In the spirit of trying to provide the public with a top class courses, of which there are many options available. Currently there are 3 semi-decent courses in Johannesburg, that being Delta Park – Randburg, Fontainebleau – Randburg and Sloane Street – Bryanston. With the sudden growth of the sport worldwide, South Africa is a little behind in having playable facilities in general and so it is thought that to establish a sort of Disc Golf headquarters for Johannesburg would be the obvious choice to take in order to bring the sport to the public’s attention and provide a free to use facility.

What does it take?

A Disc Golf course is comprised of two main ‘apparatus’ First is the ‘Tee” The area where players begin to throw towards the target. This is typically a rectangular flat area approx 120mm x 3000m which could be constructed out of concrete, bricks or even a small mat of Astro Turf. There need to be no tee pad whatsoever and the Tees could be marked with a short pole on a flat area. The second main component is the target. The Disc Golf basket is a standard specification basket that can be constructed here at home at low cost. The total outlay would be minimal.

The benefits of installing Disc Golf courses into public parks has proved to be a positive inclusion abroad as the increased traffic has discouraged the patronage of some of the seedier sides of society and stimulated social interaction by encouraging people to participate in events run by the Disc Golf community. Its affordable, easy to learn yet difficult to master, anyone from 8 to 80 can play it, it encourages people to get out into the open and the sport itself teaches focus, co ordination, stress management and builds self esteem.

If you may be interested in learning more in detail as to what such a venture would require, please free to contact Protea Disc Golf at your convenience and we could set up a meeting and perhaps a short demonstration just for fun!

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